Ultraformer III

Lifting | Tightening | Contouring

  • Non-Surgery

  • No Pain

  • No Downtime

Macro & Macro Focused

Fast & Precise Shot Application

Reform Your Youth

HIFU transducers deliver an equal distribution of ultrasound waves into multiple layers of skin and body tissues without direct contact to the epidermis. Fitted with multiple cartridges that generate thermal energy, the Ultraformer llI maintains stabilized temperatures of 65~75’C to induce coagulation for collagen renewal in the face and tightens body tissues for contouring waistlines, the thighs, and other parts of the body.

Before & After

Ultraformer III

Face & Neck

Lifting and Tightening

You only need one treatment per year

“See natural-looking and long-lasting results without downtime”

Nasolabial Fold